Best Camping Hammock to Buy in 2019 [TOP 10 Reviews & Buying Guide]

Best сamping hammock is ideal for anyone who loves the great outdoors. Hammocks provide a safe, secure and enjoyable place to rest, where you are protected from the uncomfortable unevenness of the ground, not to mention dirt, damp grass, and pests. In addition, the fact that they are portable means you can take them just about anywhere, whether you’re a camping/hiking enthusiast, looking for a cozy resting perch for your trips to the beach, or just planning to hang out and nap in your backyard.

The best camping hammock is a worthwhile investment and an excellent and convenient thing to own and use. However, a substandard hammock can be a major disappointment. In addition to the fact that they are a waste of your money, low-quality hammocks can be downright dangerous – inferior materials and weak straps may cause the hammock to snap, leading to possible injuries.

Since it is a matter of safety, buying the best camping hammock comes with a lot of challenges. Factors such as comfort, durability/strength, suspension system, weight, cost, dimensions/size, the capacity, and your intended usage all need to play an important part in your selection and purchase of a portable hammock. In addition, portable hammocks come with lots of different features, including bug nets, pre-tied knots, and guy-lines. Multiple factors that need to be considered, coupled with the wide array of products to choose from, and the countless features available, make the process of selecting and purchasing a portable hammock seem like a daunting task. However, this is where our reviews and buying guide come in.

To make your decision easier, we’ve done all the research for you. We’ve scoured the market for the best camping hammocks, and done extensive research to help you select the very best camping hammock, which meets all the right requirements. Our carefully compiled list of top rated hammocks, accompanied by useful reviews, provides the lowdown on the very best quality hammocks currently available. In addition, our buying guide is chock full of relevant information, to equip you with everything you need to know in regards to purchasing an excellent-quality portable hammock. Let’s check our guide for gear and portable folding hammock.

Best Portable Folding Hammocks Comparison

To aid you in the selection process, here is a handy comparison chart which provides details on all the key features and specifications of our top 10 best camping hammocks.

Product Dimensions (unfolded) Weight Weight Capacity Hammock Material Available colors Warranty Rating
Legit Camping - Lightweight Parachute Portable Double Hammock
Legit Camping - Lightweight Parachute Portable Double Hammock
10ft x 6.6ft 1.87 pounds Up to 400 pounds Military-grade 210T parachute nylon Blue/grey, Bronze/black, Charcoal/red, Charcoal/royal, Dark green/brown,Grey/lime green, Grey/orange, Khaki/army green, Blue/light blue, Red/aqua, Red/grey etc. Lifetime warranty
4.8 of 5

ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock
ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock
9' 4" x 6' 2" 19 ounces Up to 400 pounds 70D high tenacity nylon taffeta Aqua/red, Black/black, Black/maroon, Black/yellow, Charcoal/Fuchsia, Charcoal/grey, Charcoal/maroon, Charcoal/royal, Copper/Aqua, Emerald/Khaki, Emerald/yellow, etc. No
4.7 of 5

WINNER OUTFITTERS Lightweight Double Camping Hammock
WINNER OUTFITTERS Lightweight Double Camping Hammock
78"W x 118"L 2.3 pounds Up to 500 pounds 210T nylon parachute Dark green/green, Khaki/grey, Red/charcoal, Sky blue/blue, etc. Money-back guarantee
4.8 of 5

Wise Owl Outfitters Single & Double Camping Hammocks
Wise Owl Outfitters Single & Double Camping Hammocks
Single – 9ft x 4 ½ ft
Double – 10 ft x 6 ½ ft
Single – 16 oz
Double – 26 oz
Up to 400 pounds 210T parachute nylon Black & grey, Blue & grey, Crimson & charcoal, Green & khaki, Navy blue & light blue etc. No
4.8 of 5

HONEST OUTFITTERS Single & Double Camping Hammock
HONEST OUTFITTERS Single & Double Camping Hammock
Single – 55” x 108”
Double – 78” x 118”
Single – 1.2 pounds
Double 1.5 pounds
Single – up to 400 pounds
Double – up to 500 pounds
210T parachute nylon Grey/blue, Orange/grey, Red/charcoal, Royal/grey, Grey/green Money-back guarantee
4.8 of 5

Bear Butt Double Parachute Camping Hammock
Bear Butt Double Parachute Camping Hammock
10ft x 6ft 1.5 pounds Up to 500 pounds 75D Nylon Taffeta Orange/black, Blue/grey, Dark green/light green, Flamingo pattern, Hot pink/purple, Khaki/dark green, Lime green/grey, Pink/grey, Red/grey, etc. Money-back guarantee
4.8 of 5

MalloMe XL Double Parachute Camping Hammock
MalloMe XL Double Parachute Camping Hammock
125” x 79” 1 pound Up to 800 pounds 210T nylon Sky blue/gold, Red/black, Purple/white, Orange/grey, Light green/dark green etc. No
4.8 of 5

RICHKA Double Portable Camping Hammock
RICHKA Double Portable Camping Hammock
118"L x 78"W 1.9 pounds (shipping weight) Up to 800 pounds 70D Diamond Ripstop nylon Purple and black Lifetime warranty
4.9 of 5

Gold Armour XL Double Camping Hammock
Gold Armour XL Double Camping Hammock
125 x 79 in 1.5 pounds Up to 500 pounds 210T nylon parachute Black/blue, Black/grey, Blue/grey, Fuchsia/pink, Grey/blue, Grey/sky blue, Green/green, Khaki/dark green, etc. 15-year warranty
4.9 of 5

COVACURE Lightweight Portable Double Parachute Camping Hammocks
COVACURE Lightweight Portable Double Parachute Camping Hammocks
94.5 x 47.2 inch 1 pound 440 pounds 210T nylon parachute Khaki green 6-month guarantee
4.5 of 5

Top Rated Hammocks Reviews

Perfect for an unforgettable outdoor experience, best camping hammock provides an enjoyable place to lounge and rest, and a comfortable and secure sleeping place when camping out in the wild. However, make the wrong purchase, and you may find yourself faced with all sorts of annoyances – in a low-quality hammock, you may find yourself uncomfortable, slipping about, and worst, find yourself on the ground and/or injured, in case the straps snap.

When searching for a good quality and suitable hammock, it is important to consider a number of crucial factors, such as hammock type and material, weight, durability, the strength of the suspension system, capacity, and dimensions, among others.

Since there are multiple factors to take into account, and a wide array of products available in the market to choose from, selecting the best camping hammock can be a difficult task. However, if you want to skip the hard work, look no further than our top-rated hammock reviews. We’ve scrutinized nearly everything the market has to offer and put together a list of the very best camping hammocks available, accompanied by honest, concise, and informative reviews that break down the pros and cons of each product. Read on for our top picks and portable hammock reviews.

TOP Choice: Legit Camping Lightweight Parachute Portable Double Hammock

Legit Camping Lightweight Parachute Portable Double Hammock

If you’re looking for a safe and enjoyable experience lounging or sleeping under an open sky, the Legit Camping Lightweight Parachute Portable Double Hammock is a perfect choice and the best travel hammock. Whether you’re heading out on a camping or hiking trip, or simply looking to relax at the beach or enjoy a festival, this portable hammock for two is easy to take along and an absolute must-have in the great outdoors.

The Legit Camping double hammock comes packed with plenty of great features. It has a generous capacity and can support up to 400 pounds, making it ideal for both single and double use.

This lightweight portable hammock is also highly travel-friendly, thanks to its spacious yet lightweight design. Instead of packing bulky sleeping bags and tents, simply store your hammock in the small sack included, slip it into your pack, and head out on your camping trip.

The best camping hammock from Legit Camping is also highly durable – its high-quality construction and excellent performance is a cut above all other camping accessories currently available in the market. Made of military-grade 210T nylon fabric which makes for a durable and comfortable bed, this hammock is sturdy and rugged, built to last and can stand up to all kinds of weather and the wear and tear of the outdoor life.

This portable outdoor hammock comes with all parts included (super strong steel carabiners, rope, and secure tree-friendly straps), which means you don’t need to spend money on additional, separate purchases. Set up is also a breeze, and even beginners will have their hammocks up and swinging in no time. If you’re looking for the most comfortable hammock, this is a great option.

The Legit Camping hammock is available in lots of exciting colors and comes with an irresistible lifetime warranty, and incredible customer support.


  • Supports up to 400 pounds
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable – made of military-grade nylon fabric
  • Comes with all parts included
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Hammock sometimes does not remain open after laying down in it – however,
    laying down diagonally (which is, in fact, the correct way to lay down in a hammock) should solve the problem.

Second-Best: ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock Review

ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock Review

The second-best camping hammock on our list is ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock offers users a transformative outdoor experience. Developed after years of experience and travel, this hammock is available in a variety of colors, so you can have an enjoyable, relaxing, and customized outdoor experience, whether you’re in your backyard, out in the wild, at a festival, camping, or just relaxing on campus.

This hammock has lots of great standout features. It comes with double capacity, making it an incredibly versatile hammock. Whether you use it for camping, hiking, or an afternoon of lazy lounging, the ENO Eagles Nest hammock will easily accommodate two people and supports up to 400 pounds of weight.

This portable hammock ENO also features a lightweight and compact design, owing to which it is portable. The entire hammock weighs only 19 ounces and can be rolled up to a super small size and stored in an attached storage bag. However, when unfolded, its dimensions are 9’ 4” x 6’ 2”.

In addition to its portability, the ENO Eagles Nest portable nylon hammock is also incredibly durable – with this hammock, there’s no fear of sudden falls and injuries. It is made of 70D high tenacity nylon taffeta, which is sturdy, and yet breathable and quick-drying.

Finally, this travel hammock comes with setup equipment included (however, keep in mind that hammock straps are not included). The hammock package includes aluminum wire gate carabiners and nautical grade line with stainless-steel snap links – using these, you can secure the DoubleNest hammock to your anchor post of choice, be it a tree, pole, boat mast, or even a wall.


  • Double capacity
  • Lightweight and portable, with a storage bag included
  • Durable nylon material
  • Carabiners and line included


  • Hammock straps are not included – however,
    these can easily be purchased separately from the same manufacturer.

Best Price: WINNER OUTFITTERS Lightweight Double Camping Hammock Review

WINNER OUTFITTERS Lightweight Double Camping Hammock

The WINNER OUTFITTERS Lightweight Double Camping Hammock is the perfect option for anyone who loves the outdoors. Ideal for traveling, camping, backpacking, or just some lazy lounging, this hammock also makes a great and fun gift for both adults and kids alike.

This cheap portable hammock has loads of great features – the most prominent is its capacity. This best camping hammock from WINNER OUTFITTERS can support up to 500 pounds and is 118” x 78”. It is a double hammock, which easily fits two people – this means you can enjoy the outdoors with a friend or loved one, and still have plenty of room leftover. The WINNERS OUTFITTERS hammock is also incredibly durable, constructed with the new 210T nylon parachute fabric. However, at the same time, it is super lightweight and portable, which means it can easily be taken along on extended trips.

Setting this 2 people portable hammock up is a breeze – you don’t have to be a backpacking expert to figure it out! Set up takes less than 3 minutes – this is partly because of the simple yet sturdy construction, and partly because the hammock comes with all setup items already provided. The package includes two ropes (each of which is 137 inches long), two tree-friendly straps (each of which is 52 inches long and 1 inch wide), and two solid steel carabiners.

The manufacturers are convinced this sturdy yet small portable hammock cannot fail – so much so that there is a money-back guarantee! If a customer is dissatisfied, their money will be instantly refunded, and they can keep the two-person camping hammock to boot.


  • Supports up to 500 pounds
  • Durable, made of new 210T nylon parachute fabric
  • Lightweight and easy to set up
  • Ropes, straps and carabiners included
  • Money-back guarantee


  • The carabiners are slightly weighty – however, this is not entirely a bad thing,
    and for those who wish to have them replaced, aluminum carabiners can easily be purchased separately.

Wise Owl Outfitters Single & Double Camping Hammocks Review

Wise Owl Outfitters Single & Double Camping Hammocks

Wise Owl Outfitters Single & Double Camping Hammocks are among the best options for anyone looking for a comfortable resting/sleeping arrangement when camping, hiking, going to the beach, or simply hanging out in the backyard.

This affordable, versatile, and high-quality portable folding hammock comes with plenty of great features. This best camping hammock manufactured by Wise Owl is available as both as a single person hammock and a double variant and can accommodate up to 400 pounds in weight.

These hammocks are made of a super strong yet soft material – namely, 210T Parachute Nylon, which is the same fabric used by skydivers. The construction also features triple interlocking stitching, for added, unbeatable strength.

In addition to their strength and durability, these hammocks are also incredibly lightweight and compact. The single capacity SingleOwl hammock weighs only 16 ounces and is 9ft x 4 ½ft; it can be packed down to 5” x 5”, which is roughly the size of a grapefruit. The double capacity DoubleOwl hammock weighs only 26 ounces and is 10 ft x 6 ½ft; it can be packed down to 5” x 8”, which is roughly the size of an eggplant. Unlike big, bulky tents or sleeping bags, you can simply toss these hammocks in your backpack and head out. This is one of the best ultralight hammocks in the market.

In addition, these hammocks also come with a built-in drawstring stuff sack, to make storage and unpacking super easy.

With the Wise Owl hammock, you do not need to shell out extra cash for setup essentials – all the equipment you need to get your hammock set up is already included. The package comes with solid steel D-shape carabiners, which have a smooth locking mechanism, and two nautical grade ropes for hanging, which are both 8ft each. The manufacturers also share tips on tying knots with customers, to ensure setup is easy and safe.

Finally, this portable hammock comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and customers are encouraged to reach out to the manufacturer if they are not pleased with their purchase.


  • Made of heavy duty yet super soft nylon fabric
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Carabiners and ropes included


  • Ropes are banned at some parks, so straps will need to be bought – however,
    these can easily be purchased separately from the same manufacturer at affordable rates.

HONEST OUTFITTERS Single & Double Camping Hammock Review

HONEST OUTFITTERS Single & Double Camping Hammock Review

The HONEST OUTFITTERS Single & Double Camping Hammock is perfect for relaxing outdoors. Whether you’re camping out, or just lounging in your backyard, this hammock provides you with a comfortable and secure perch from which to observe and admire your surroundings.

The best camping hammock made by HONEST OUTFITTERS comes with loads of standout features. This hammock is available in 5 different colors and both single and double capacities. The single hammock is 55” x 108” and ideal for one-person use, while the double is 78” x 118”, and perfect for accommodating two.

These hammocks are compact and lightweight. The single hammock weighs 1.2 pounds, while the double weighs 1.5 pounds, making them portable and easy to take along no matter where you are headed.

However, they are still highly durable. Made of new 210T parachute nylon, which is soft, comfortable, and breathable, yet durable and mildew-resistant, the single hammock can support up to 400 pounds while the double can support up to 500 pounds. The design also features triple stitching, for added strength and safety.

Setup is a breeze and takes less than 1 minute. In addition, the hammock comes with everything you need to set it up – this includes two super-strength hammock straps (10ft each), as straps are superior to ropes, and two solid steel carabiners (which can support up to 1000-pounds force and do not have any dangerous sharp edges). A conveniently integrated stuff sack makes storage and unpacking super easy.

This heavy duty portable hammock also comes with a money-back promise – any customers who are unhappy with their purchase will receive their money back within 5 hours of placing a request, and will also get to keep the hammock!


  • Available in two sizes
  • Comfortable and durable – made of 210T nylon with triple stitching
  • Easy set up with straps and carabiners included
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Money-back guarantee


  • There are no added features for extra insulation,
    and you will need to purchase those items separately.

Bear Butt Double Parachute Camping Hammock Review

Bear Butt Double Parachute Camping Hammock Review

If you’re looking for a quality hammock from a fun, up-and-coming company, the Bear Butt Double Parachute Camping Hammock is the one for you. Available in 14 vibrant colors, as far as cool hammocks are concerned, this hammock offers something for everyone.

The Bear Butt hammock comes equipped with lots of excellent features. It is a double capacity hammock, which means it can comfortably accommodate two people. Each hammock is incredibly roomy, with dimensions of 10ft x 6 ft. The hammock is comfortable, yet durable and strong. It is made of a special, super-strong, top-quality 75D nylon taffeta, which can legally support up to 500 pounds. It has triple stitching, to ensure safety and quality.

Meanwhile, it also features a 210 thread count which means it is also incredibly soft and comfortable, like (as the Bear Butt team puts it) the sheets at a 5-star hotel. In addition, it is portable, weighing only 1 ½ pounds. Setting up the hammock is easy since everything you need is already included. The hammock comes with reinforced, extra-strong nylon end straps for added security, two carabiners, and two tactical grade ropes, which are 10ft long each. The hammock also comes with an attached stuff sack, which you can use to pack and unpack your hammock in. It can conveniently be cinched shut when not in use.

If, despite all these features, a customer is still dissatisfied, the best camping hammock from Bear Butt comes with a money-back guarantee (for replacement or refund), which can be availed at any time regardless of the date of purchase. Whether you’re looking for a portable tree hammock or a portable beach hammock, this one is a great buy.


  • Double capacity – supports up to 500 lbs
  • Durable 75D nylon with 210 thread count for softness and comfort
  • Setup hardware included
  • Money-back guarantee


  • While the knots might be confusing,
    a simple search on the internet can provide easy answers

MalloMe XL Double Parachute Camping Hammock Review

 MalloMe XL Double Parachute Camping Hammock Review

The MalloMe XL Double Parachute Camping Hammock is ideal for anyone who is in the market for a top-quality, super-sized hiking hammock. Regardless of whether you’re an amateur or a pro, the MalloMe hammock is a perfect addition to your next outdoor adventure, be it camping, hiking, backpacking, a festival, a boat trip, or even in your backyard.

The MalloMe XL double parachute camping hammock comes with a variety of great features. Most noticeable is its extra-large size; as the manufacturers put it, this high-quality hammock is “luxuriously sized”. The hammock measures 125” x 79” (it is three times bigger than most of other hammocks in the market), and can comfortably fit two adults, owing to its double capacity. This means you have plenty of room to stretch out, nap, snuggle your loved ones, and just generally enjoy swaying suspended in the breeze.

With its extra-large size comes super-strength. The MalloMe XL hammock has a strap design (comprising ultra-strong strap webbing connection points) which has a breaking strength of 1000 pounds – this is twice as strong as most other hammocks. In addition, the MalloMe hammock is made of premium 210T tear-resistant nylon fabric, to ensure strength and durability.

However, despite its large size and unique strength, this portable double hammock is as light and compact as the best of them. It features a stuff sack conveniently sewn onto the hammock itself, so you can pack and unpack in a flash, without ever losing track of the storage sack. When packed down, the hammock is roughly the size of a volleyball, and weighs only around 1 pound, making it super lightweight and portable.

Set-up is also incredibly easy with the best camping hammock form MalloMe, thanks to the fact that all the required hardware is included with the hammock – it comes with two high-tensile strength carabiners, a premium rope. Setting up can be done solo, even if you’re an amateur, and it takes a few minutes at most.


  • XL size – 125” x 79”
  • Super strong straps and fabric – supports 1000 lbs
  • Compact, lightweight, and travel-friendly – weighs little more than 1lb
  • Includes carabiners and rope


  • Rope is not always ideal for hammock suspension – however,
    straps can easily be purchased separately as a replacement

RICHKA Double Portable Camping Hammock Review

RICHKA Double Portable Camping Hammock Review

The RICHKA Double Portable Camping Hammock is a highly-rated, top-quality product which is excellent for anyone looking to relax or sleep during outdoor excursions.

This hammock has plenty of excellent features to offer customers. It is made of premium quality materials – the RICHKA hammock is made of 70D diamond Ripstop nylon, which is super strong and durable, allowing the hammock to support up to 800 pounds in weight (two adults or four children). In addition, the design features a triple seam and 4×4 stitching, to ensure there is no rotting, mildew, and any other signs of wear and tear. This is the ideal waterproof camping hammock.

In addition to its quality and durability, the hammock is also light and portable. The 70D diamond Ripstop nylon fabric is lightweight, and when packed down, the 118″L x 78″W hammock is reduced to an astonishing 9” x 5”. It also comes with a hammock storage bag for easy transportation.

This portable foldable hammock can be installed in no time (under 3 minutes, at most), and set up is easy thanks to the fact that all hardware items are included with the hammock – unlike other models, there is no need for additional purchases. The best camping hammock model from RICHKA comes with reliable and durable scratch-proof carabiners, and 87-inch hammock tree straps, which are significantly longer than the usual 55-inch straps/ropes (and tree-friendly to boot, owing to the protective sacks provided).

The RICHKA hammock is also easy to clean and maintain – it can be machine washed, and the nylon fabric is stain-resistant, quick-drying, and breathable. Finally, as a testament to the product’s quality, the hammock comes with a lifetime guarantee.


  • Made of durable and lightweight 70D diamond Ripstop nylon
  • Supports up to 800 lbs
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy installation with all required components included


  • Storage bag has a poor stitching which frays after a few uses.

Gold Armour XL Double Camping Hammock Review

Gold Armour XL Double Camping Hammock Review

The Gold Armour XL Double Camping Hammock is one of the larger, top-quality hammock offerings currently on the market. Available in a plethora of colors, this hammock is an excellent outdoor companion and can also serve as a great gift for a loved one.

Thebest camping hammock produced by Gold Armour has numerous great features. Its extra-large size is one of its major plus points – it measures 125” x 79”, can easily support 500 pounds in weight, and is double capacity (meaning it can fit two people at once).

In addition to its size, this best camping hammock is also extra strong and durable. It is made of the new premium 210T nylon parachute fabric, which is strong yet lightweight, soft, breathable and mildew-resistant. In addition, the design also features a strap design with a breaking strength of 1000 pounds.

At the same time, the Gold Armour double camping hammock is also light and portable. The entire thing weighs 1.5 pounds and when it is packed down, it is reduced to the size of a volleyball. It also comes with a stuff sack for convenient storage, which is sewn right on to the hammock.

The setup process for this portable fold up hammock is quick and easy – unfolding the hammock takes no more than 2 seconds and setting it up is easy since everything you need is included as part of the package. This includes two heavy-duty steel carabiners, two 10” x 1” tree-friendly tree straps, and 16 attachment loops.

The Gold Armour company is 100% confident in their portable two-person hammock – they are offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the product, and a 15-year warranty. If any customer is displeased with the product, they will be refunded and also allowed to keep the hammock.


  • Extra-large size
  • Top quality fabric used
  • Packs down into compact size
  • Easy setup with all components included


  • While the hammock might, at times, appear to sag,
    this is a problem with the hanging technique, and not with the hammock itself

COVACURE Lightweight Portable Double Parachute Camping Hammocks Review

 COVACURE Lightweight Portable Double Parachute Camping Hammocks Review

The COVACURE Lightweight Portable Double Parachute Camping Hammocks are a solid option worth exploring if you are looking for a durable hammock for outdoor use.

This is one of the best cheap hammock and has multiple excellent features which can benefit campers and hammock users in general. It is made of high-quality materials, and according to a well-thought-out design. The hammock is made of strong and lightweight breathable woven 210T nylon – not only is this durable, it is also very comfortable, breathable, and quick-drying. The design also features triple stitching and a quality quilted pattern which help reduce pressure points in your body and enhance comfort.

The best camping hammock from COVACURE is of a good size, measuring 94.5 x 47.2 inches when unfolded; however, it is also lightweight, weighing around 1 pound. It is extremely easy to transport, as its weight and the small stuff sack that comes integrated into the design make it light, compact, and portable.

This portable hammock for two also has a simple, uncomplicated suspension system, which means set-up takes no time at all. It also comes with all required equipment including nautical rope, carabiners, and straps. Packing up is as easy as folding the hammock back into its stuff sack.

Perhaps the best feature of this hammock is that it has an integrated mosquito net in the design. This mosquito net ensures that no bugs get at you, allowing you peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. This is the best camping hammock with mosquito net.

Finally, the hammock comes with a reliable 6-month guarantee.


  • Made of durable materials
  • Large size but portable
  • Integrated mosquito net to keep pests at bay
  • Easy set-up


  • The hammock does not come with any setup instructions – however,
    this is not necessarily required, since the set-up process is very easy.

best camping hammocks Buying Guide

While portable hammocks are great for anyone who is looking to sleep comfortably and safely in the great outdoors, and are incredibly useful, convenient, and easy to take along on camping/hiking/beach trips, the buying process can be difficult and time-consuming. If you aren’t familiar with the various types of hammocks, unaware of the best/most suitable material for a hammock, and do not know about the key factors that you must consider when picking out a portable hammock, you may end up making a purchase you’ll regret.

To save you from wasting your money, and potentially injuring yourself or your loved ones owing to a substandard hammock, we’ve put together a detailed and trusty buying guide which contains everything you ought to know. Our guide will equip you with all the information you need before you make a decision and help you purchase the best camping hammock that is durable, of top-quality, and well-suited to your needs.

Types of Hammocks

outdoor single portable hammock

Hammocks have become increasingly popular for outdoor trips such as camping, hiking, or beach trips; they are also great for using poolside, at festivals, or even in your backyard. They provide a safe, and secure place to relax and sleep, away from damp, uneven ground, dirt, grass, and insects. In addition, the shape of a hammock adjusts to your body, making them incredibly comfortable.

Hammocks can be both single and double capacity, depending on how many people intend to use it. However, it might be a good idea to opt for the double, even if a single person intends to use it, as it makes for a more spacious and comfortable experience.


These are the most basic, and also the most popular type of hammock. They are built in accordance with the classic design – woven cords with spreader bars at both ends (these are usually wooden), which ensure the hammock stays open for easy use.

Rope hammocks can be made of various types of material – the ropes can be both cotton and synthetic. However, the cotton variety tends to be more comfortable and does not cause itchy skin.

Regardless of the material used, however, rope hammocks are nice and cool (since they allow the breeze to flow through easily), comfortable (they conform to your body shape, making for a snug and secure fit), and easy to clean (all you need is some soap and water).


These are regular hammocks made of different types of all-weather fabrics. They have the added advantage of being more comfortable than rope hammocks and are made of a variety of fabrics, such as cotton, nylon, and polyester. These hammocks come in different patterns, colors, and designs, and are available in varying price ranges.


Camping hammocks are generally a type of fabric hammock, but they are a separate category owing to the specific use to which they are put. Camping hammocks are a great alternative to cumbersome and difficult-to-install tents, fit easily in rucksacks, and are more comfortable and protective than sleeping bags.

As a rule, camping hammocks are lightweight, portable, and easy to travel with. They can be set up in no time, and are also strong, durable, and waterproof since they need to be suitable for the outdoors. Typically, they are made of materials such as parachute nylon or polyester. In addition, they may come with various accessories such as mesh screens for protecting against bugs, which can enhance your experience of sleeping and relax in the outdoors.

Generally, camping hammocks can be broken down further into three types:

Open model hammocks

Also referred to as ‘parachute hammocks’, these are built in an open, boat-shaped design, and are available in both single and double varieties, with the latter being longer and wider than the former. While two people can comfortably hang out in a standard open hammock, it can be difficult for two individuals to sleep in the same hammock, so be sure to check dimensions and choose wisely.

These types of hammocks are fairly durable and lightweight. Although the hammock itself is quite affordable, you will need to take into account added costs, such as a mosquito net for if you plan to camp out and sleep in the hammock overnight. Some models, however, come with added accessories, so it’s best to check to determine which brand and package best suits your requirements.

Ultra-light hammocks

These types of the best camping hammock are best suited for backpackers, hikers, trekkers, and climbers looking for the most lightweight hammock possible, so as to avoid adding extra weight to their travel pack. What these models provide in lightness, they lack in terms of comfort and/or durability – however, in situations that call specifically for the lightest hammock possible, they are obviously the ideal option.

If comfort or durability are your key concerns, an ultra-light hammock might not be your best – rather, a parachute or expedition hammock might be more suitable. However, if you need something light as a feather, and only intend to use it sparingly/occasionally, an ultra-lightweight hammock could serve you well.

Expedition hammocks

These are the most durable, and comfortable types of camping hammocks, and ideally suited for long-term use, rough weather conditions, and extended stays. They have an asymmetrical design and provide a great deal more comfort than the other two varieties. In addition, they come with plenty of extra features, for added ease and convenience, including rain fly, guy-lines, and bug nets.

However, the downsides of these folding camping hammock is that they also tend to be heavier and more expensive than the other varieties. If you plan on using your hammock heavily and frequently, an expedition hammock can be a worthwhile investment. If you only need a hammock for a night or two, a parachute or ultra-light hammock might be best for you.

Best Hammock Material

sturdy portable hammock material

The material a fold up hammock is made of should be a key concern for any interested buyer. The material can determine the strength and durability of the hammock, in addition to its versatility and the multiple uses for which it may be best suited.

Whether they are of a rope, fabric, or camping variety, hammocks generally come in three main types of material. However, it must be kept in mind that there is no fixed ‘best’ material for a hammock – the type of material you choose should depend on your requirements and intended usage, as each will have its specific pros and cons.


This is the softest, most comfortable material for the best camping hammock, in addition to being among the most common and popular fabrics for casual-use hammocks. It is light, relatively robust, and breathable, which means it allows for plenty of airflows and can be great for warm/humid climates. Cotton hammocks can be an excellent option for the backyard or the beach. They are also fairly easy to clean, inexpensive, and available in a variety of colors and patterns. However, cotton hammocks are not the most durable, and not entirely weather-poof.

Parachute Nylon/Polyester

These are the most popular types of fabric for portable and camping hammocks. Both are inorganic, synthetic materials, that are perfectly suited to the outdoors – they are lightweight, quick-drying, UV radiation-resistant, water and weather-proof, all while being as soft as cotton. Hammocks made of these fabrics are durable and hardy, able to withstand the most extreme of temperatures. They are easy to clean and portable. The only downside is that they are pricier than cotton hammocks.


In addition to cotton, nylon, and polyester, there are other alternate types of materials which are also used in the construction of hammocks. Duracord is a popular synthetic material used in North American hammocks – considered a premium material, it can be on the expensive side, but is an incredibly comfortable and durable option.

Sunbrella is another premium and top-quality, albeit expensive, option. Its softness and comfort are comparable to that of cotton, but it is far more durable and weatherproof, in addition to being mold and mildew resistant. The fabric also has UV inhibitors, which means the color of your hammock will remain vibrant, despite repeated and prolonged use.

Textilene is another option for those who are looking for quality but unwilling to spend on duracord or sunbrella hammocks. Textilene is water resistant and dries quickly. It also provides durability in all types of weather and is a moderately priced option.

Key Factors to Consider

camping in the woods

Selecting a hammock cannot be a spur-of-the-moment decision – there are multiple factors to take into account and several points on which you need to be well-informed before you shell out your money. To ensure that you know everything there is to know, and give you a useful list of things to check when you’re assessing/evaluating a particular hammock.


This is perhaps one of the most important factors to take into consideration – hammocks are used for rest, relaxation, and sleep, so if the comfort factor is lacking, the product will essentially be useless. A high-quality foldable hammock will be made of comfortable fabric, such as cotton or parachute nylon, which offer both durability and coziness.

In addition to material, the size of the hammock will also impact your comfort level. Generally, double-capacity hammocks are great for two people to relax in, but since the correct way to lay down in a hammock is diagonally, a double hammock isn’t always ideal for two people to sleep in, Ultimately, it is important to take the dimensions (length and width) of the product into consideration before making a purchase.


Weight is another crucial factor that needs to be taken into consideration – when purchasing a portable hammock, you will naturally be looking for a lightweight hammock that you can easily travel with. When going on a camping/hiking/trekking trip, the last thing you want is an added load to carry – every little ounce/gram adds up, and can end up weighing and slowing you down, diminishing your pleasure in the great outdoors.

The weight of a backpacking hammock is determined by several factors, such as its size, dimensions, material, and any extra features and accessories such as a rain fly or bug net. The ideal hammock should be durable, of a generous capacity, and yet so lightweight that it can be packed into a small pouch and you barely notice it in your travel pack – some of the best quality double hammocks weigh less than two pounds. Before you make a decision, check the weight of the hammock in question to ensure you are comfortable with it.


Another essential factor that needs to be kept in mind – the durability/strength of the hammock should play a major role in your decision, and the product should be built to last.

Durability depends on the type of material you choose – a top-quality parachute nylon or polyester will work best. The material needs to be all-weather and water-proof, so the hammock can hold up in the harshest of conditions, including rain and snow. Despite being put to repeated use, the hammock should not show signs of wear and tear, should not fade or mildew, and if it is easy to clean, that is a bonus.

In addition, the hooks, straps and carabiners need to be equally sturdy and made of grade ‘A’ materials (industrial strength is always a plus, and climbing grade carabiners are the best, strongest variety). The capacity of a hammock is also linked to its strength – when gauging a hammock’s strength, make sure you know how much weight it is built to support in the first place (overloading your hammock will significantly reduce its lifespan).

Quality materials and solid construction are a must – a snapped hammock can result in significant injuries, so never compromise on fabric quality for the sake of saving money. Reputable manufacturers, that offer quality guarantees and warranties, are your best bet.

Suspension system

The suspension system of a hammock is what holds it up and keeps it suspended above the ground. This generally comprises straps and carabiners. While some hammocks will come with a suspension system included, with other models you’ll need to purchase the straps and carabiners separately.

As a rule, look for a sturdy suspension system, to ensure safety – carabiners should be climbing grade and extra strong, and the straps should be made of a durable material. Another good idea is to look for extra-long straps, as these will grant you greater flexibility in setting up your hammock wherever you should choose, regardless of how far spaced two trees might be. The best camping hammock will come with a super strong suspension system.


Price is, quite, obviously, a major determining factor when it comes to deciding which portable hanging hammock to buy. Generally, hammocks are not too expensive, with prices ranging from $20 to $100 for the products of trusted, reputable brands. If you’re looking for extra durability, larger sizes, or specialized features, etc., more expensive options are also available.

Ultimately, how much you plan to spend on a hammock should depend on the frequency with which you plan to use it. If you are an avid camper/hiker, and intend to use your hammock a lot, it is worth it to spend more in order to invest, once and for all, in a quality product which will last you long (instead of buying an inferior product which may fail you and force you to spend more money in purchasing another hammock). However, if you’re buying it for a one-time trip, and/or are sure you will not use it much, there’s no need to spend too much in purchasing a kitted-out expedition hammock which will likely sit in a corner and gather dust for most of the year.

Determine the frequency of your usage, find a balance between price and quality, and spend accordingly.

Capacity/Weight limit

portable hammock capacity

When purchasing a transportable hammock, it is important to take its capacity into consideration, and determine whether it suits your requirements. Each hammock has a maximum weight limit, and it is essential to consider this when you are picking a hammock and decide accordingly.

Hammocks come in both single and double varieties – if you plan to use your folding hammock alone, a single model should suffice. Similarly, if you are a party of two, a double hammock would be ideal. Some brands also offer family size hammocks, for larger groups.

Double-capacity hammocks are wider and stronger, but they are also heavier and more expensive than their single-capacity counterparts. Also, keep in mind that many experts recommend double-capacity hammocks as a rule, even if they are meant to be used by just one person, owing to the greater degree of comfort they offer.

In relation to the capacity, it is also a good idea to take the dimensions of the product into account, as well as your own weight and height.


The dimensions/size of a portable fold out hammock is another key factor to consider, and this depends, ultimately, on your intended usage.

Day hammocks, which are generally used for napping or hanging out, do not require too much extra space, so a moderate size will suffice. However, for sleeping hammocks, the wider and longer it is, the more comfortable and snug it will be. This is why sometimes double hammocks are recommended for single use, since they provide excess space on all four sides – however, this is not a rule, and if you’re claustrophobic or simply do not want to be flailing about in excess material, a single hammock is the ideal choice for you.

When checking the dimensions of a hammock to determine whether it is suitable, also take your own height and weight into consideration, so you can pick an appropriately sized but compact hammock.

Features & Accessories

If you’re planning to use your best camping hammock for camping/backpacking, you will need to consider whether there are any added features you require in your hammock, which will aid you in the outdoors. A good-quality, all-weather camping hammock, for example, should be waterproof, come with a mosquito/bug net (especially for low-lying areas, jungles, and sites near water) and a rain fly/tarp to protect you from the elements. If you plan on using the hammock in colder climates, you will need to look for models that come with added insulation. Other accessories include side pockets, for storing water bottles/snacks/magazines in.

If you already have a hammock, and require additional features, many of these added accessories can be purchased separately and attached to your current hammock.

In addition, keep in mind that expedition hammocks that contain added features are also heavier and come with a heftier price tag.

Intended Usage

hiking trip

The purpose for which you intend to use your portable foldable hammock should play a key role in helping you decide which hammock to purchase.

If you plan to use the hammock purely for lounging purposes, in your backyard or at the beach, then a day hammock will work best; however, if you frequently go on long hiking/camping trips, and need a hammock to sleep in amidst the wilderness, a sturdy expedition hammock is perfect for you.

Different types of hammocks have different characteristics, that are suitable for specific needs and purposes, and you will need to keep this in mind. Cotton hammocks, for example, are best suited for casual or indoor use, while hammocks designed for outdoor use are generally made of durable materials like parachute nylon. In addition, expedition hammocks, for extended outdoor trips, are equipped with additional features such as mosquito nets and rain tarps, to offer campers added convenience and protection.

Top Tips for Hammock Usage

Before you select and purchase a hammock, it is essential to be well-informed on tips and tricks for using one. Only when you are familiar with the usage of a hammock can you evaluate your needs and make the best, most informed and suitable decision. Here is some expert advice on various aspects of hammock usage:

How to hang a hammock

While it might take you some time to set up a hammock the first few times you use it, you should be able to get the hang of it after two to three trial runs. A good hammock should be easy to set up and simple to disassemble and pack away, taking less than two minutes either way.

Since all hammocks are different, and come with different parts, it is best to read the instruction manual that comes with your hammock, in order to go about the setup process in the right manner. However, there are a couple of general steps that need to be followed for the assembly of a hammock.

The most difficult part is finding the right spot to hang your hammock. The trees/poles/any other standing objects you use to hang your hammock between are known as your anchors or suspension points. These need to be appropriately spaced and at the right distance from each other to allow you to hang your hammock in the middle – 10 to 20 feet apart is generally a suitable distance. In addition, the trees/poles must be thick and sturdy enough to handle the weight of you and your hammock combined.

Start by unfolding your best camping hammock, and then proceed to securely wrap the straps around each tree trunk (or whichever type of anchor you choose). If your suspension point is a tree, make sure you use tree-protector straps, so the straps do not dig into the tree and cause it permanent damage. There are multiple types of straps available, and in general, the daisy chain type is the most durable and secure. On a related note, do not use ropes, as these tend to be unsafe.

Once the straps have been firmly and securely wrapped around the anchors, attach them to the eyes of the hammock using the carabiners. Your hammock is now set up and ready for use!

Over time, you will start to instinctively judge the right distance required between two suspension points, and will be able to gauge how high up to set your suspension points.

The Ideal sleeping position

While hammocks are generally perceived as hard to get in to, sleeping in them is also an entirely separate art. Most people assume the correct way to sleep in a hammock is lengthwise, with your head near one anchor point and your feet near the other. However, this is not ideal, and after some time, may even start to be uncomfortable, especially if you are spending the night in your hammock.

The correct way to sleep in a hammock is diagonal – keep the body at a slight angle, and ensure the feet are positioned slightly higher than the head. This is the ideal way to get a ‘flat lay’ (i.e. keeping the body as flat as possible) and keep your body in the most comfortable and secure position possible. The wider a hammock, the easier it is to adopt a diagonal position which provides maximum comfort. Nowadays, some hammocks are built asymmetrically, to begin with, to accommodate the diagonal sleeping position, and most campers find these to be more comfortable than traditional hammocks.

The ideal hang angle

The hang angle refers, quite obviously, to the angle at which your suspension straps hang. Ideally, most users agree that the straps should be at a 30° angle when hung. This ensures that there is a flat platform on which you can sleep diagonally. However, if the fabric is stretchier and hangs lower, then the straps should be secured higher up on the anchor points and the angle should be adjusted accordingly.


Keeping warm can be a challenge when using a hammock. Since a hammock is suspended in the air above the ground, you end up losing heat since there is air circulating beneath you. This is ideal for hot, humid climates, but if you’re in a cold or even moderate 65-70° climate, this can pose some difficulties in terms of heat loss. Even summer trips can get cold very quickly after nightfall.

There are three main options for adding insulating layers to your hammock, in order to keep yourself warm:

  • Add insulating layers to the bottom of your hammock – a quilted hammock can be a good idea, but lining your hammock with a foam, blow-up sleeping pad, yoga mat, or blanket and sleeping on top of it will also help with insulation. In order to prevent slipping off the pad during the night, look for a mummy-shaped pad. The advantage of this method is that you can add as many layers as you want (or are willing to carry). The disadvantage, however, is that the insulation layers may get damp during the night, as condensation collects on the bottom of the hammock.
  • Opt for an underquilt – these are insulating, sleeping-bag type blankets (usually filled with down) that hang underneath a hammock, and keep you insulated from wind and the cold. There are no condensation problems with this method, and they provide exceptional warmth. Experienced campers often use this method, despite the extra costs involved.
  • Invest in a double layer hammock – these come with a separate compartment in which you can slip in a sleeping pad. This means the pad cannot possibly slide about, and will be held in place securely underneath the hammock. The only downside to this is the added weight.

How to prevent sliding in a hammock

You get nice and comfortable in your hammock, only to find yourself slipping and sliding out of it a few moments later, whenever you try to move – this is a common scenario, and an annoying one at that, since sleeping pads are generally made of smooth materials.

To prevent this, you can invest in a model that comes with double layers, as these secure the sleeping pad in place firmly. If this is not possible, you can also try stuffing the pad into a sleeping bag, to hold it in place. A mummy-shaped pad is another option. In addition, as a rule, try to sleep with your feet positioned slightly higher than your head, as this will also prevent your legs from sliding out of the hammock.

Finding a sturdy anchor

It is essential to be super-careful when choosing anchor points, and to ensure that you choose secure and sturdy suspension points. Poles should be unshakable and firmly rooted in the ground. When out in nature, make sure you avoid old, dead trees and branches (these should be avoided not only as anchor points, but you must also ensure there are no dead branches hanging above the location where you set up your hammock). Trees used as portable hammock posts should be strong and thick (at least 8 inches in diameter) – ensure that they are firmly rooted, and do not sway about. They should be sturdy enough to handle your weight in the hammock.

Care and Maintenance

No matter how well you care for your hammock, it will eventually end up with a stain or two (mud, coffee, and trail mix are the most common suspects). While you should use detergent and water to scrub away occasional stains (and thoroughly dry the hammock afterwards), it is important to give your hammock a full and thorough washing once in a while, to keep it looking and feeling soft, clean, and fresh.

While cotton hammocks tend to get the dirtiest, camping/expedition hammocks are generally fairly dirt-resistant, seeing as they are made of parachute nylon. Cotton and rope hammocks come with their own special cleaning instructions. With a nylon hammock, however, the procedure is simple:

  • Start by removing the carabiners – these should never go into your washing machine! Keep them in a safe place, so you do not lose them and can immediately reattach them after the hammock has been washed and dried.
  • Next, add a small amount of detergent to the washing machine. Do not add bleach, fabric softener, or any other cleaning agents. Wash the hammock by itself (do not add anything else to the machine) in cool water on a delicate cycle in a front load washer.
  • Line-dry your hammock outside (its best to wash it on a sunny and breezy day) – do not dry it in a dryer, air drying is recommended.
  • Ensure the hammock is completely and thoroughly dried before you remove it from the line and pack it away again. Packing away a damp hammock will make it smelly and may result in mildew. Remember to reattach the carabiners too!

Make sure you keep your hammock folded and properly stored away when not in use. Check the straps before every use, to ensure they are working and strong; replace them immediately if they show even slightest signs of fraying or wear and tear.


portable hammock buying guide

Selecting and buying the best camping hammock, unassisted, is not an easy task. If you’re in the market for a portable camping hammock, you need to be well-informed about the different types of hammocks that are available and the different uses for which they are suitable. You will also need to know the different types of materials hammocks are made of, and the pros and cons of each. There are also multiple factors to take into account when buying a hammock, such as comfort, dimensions, weight, durability, cost, the suspension system, capacity, and additional accessories, to name a few.

Our hammock buying guide provides all this information in a simple, easy-to-understand, and condensed manner, in addition to offering expert tips for hammock usage and maintenance. It is a complete package, which will fully equip you to make the most suitable and well-informed choice when it comes to purchasing the best camping hammock possible.

A portable hammock can be the perfect companion for a camper, hiker or trekker looking to enjoy the great outdoors to the max and fully immerse themselves in nature – after all, what’s better than sleeping out under the stars?

Portable hammocks provide an enjoyable, safe, secure, and comfortable experience of sleeping while suspended above the ground. They are far easier to set up and lighter to carry than tents and sleeping bags and allow you to enjoy nature while keeping you safe from insects, dirt, damp grass, and uneven, uncomfortable terrains. Their portability means you can take them along on extended trips without having to worry about any significant extra loads to carry.

When buying a portable hammock, it is imperative that you take all the right factors into account – make the wrong choice and you might end up injuring yourself or your loved ones if the hammock straps snap! This is where our portable hammock reviews and buying guide will help you out.

Not feeling up to scouring the market and looking for good hammock brands and a product that ticks all the boxes? No problem! Simply go through our list of top rated portable hammock reviews – our list of camping hammock reviews provides concise and honest reviews of the best of the best, and you can pick the product that best fits your needs and requirements.

Taking into account all the essential factors that the ideal and best double portable hammock should possess, our top pick for the best camping hammock is the Legit Camping lightweight parachute portable double hammock. What makes it great enough to be our pick for the best hammock to buy? It’s double capacity, generous 400 pounds support, portable lightweight design, and durable construction make it a winner. In addition, the hammock comes with all setup components included, a lifetime warranty, and is available in a wide variety of colors, so everyone can find a pattern they like.